Cosmetic Dentist in Stoughton, MA

We are like a jigsaw puzzle. We each have our own expertise and we all fit together in synergy. We are a unique practice where people come to discover a compassionate team, with superb quality service and to be part of an amazing experience and an infectious enthusiasm to return and refer their friends and family.

"Caring is the true product of our practice, not the teeth!"




Dr. Maryam Douraghy

Dentist in Stoughton, MA

Dentistry On Park

Dr. Maryam Douraghy, known for her unprecedented dentistry, comes highly recommended for her keen eye to detail, precision, and tenderness. She is described by her patients as a “dentist with a soul of kindness and passion”, as she assures those who step in her office are well-listened to and receive the best possible care. Read More...


Dr Ramin Mehregan Stoughton MA

Dr. Ramin Mehregan

Dentist in Stoughton, MA

Dentistry On Park

Dr. Ramin Mehregan graduated in 1992 with a Doctorate of Dental Medicine degree from Boston University, School of Graduate Dentistry. His post-graduate cosmetic training started in 1999 at the prestigious Las Vegas Institute (LVI) and was completed in 2004, where he mastered extensive hands on and live patient programs in cosmetic dentistry and full mouth rehabilitation. Read More...


Jane Bernstein Dental Hygienist


Jane Bernstein, Dental Hygienist

One of our two hygienists, Jane Bernstein has worked in this profession for 35 years and has spent 20 years on our team. Jane thrives on meeting new people and learning new techniques that help our patients receive optimal care. Married to Howie, she has three children and three grandchildren that keep her very active. Jane takes an active interest in reading, hiking, and traveling.

Cheryl Gagne Dental Hygienist

Cheryl Gagne, Dental Hygienist

After attending Bristol Community college, Cheryl Gagne received an Associate’s degree in dental hygiene and an Associate’s degree in medical laboratory science. Cheryl values the opportunities she has in our practice to expand her knowledge and develop strong relationships with patients and co-workers. She enjoys walking, her women’s Bible study, and spending time with her family, including her husband, four daughters, one son, and 10 grandchildren.

Donna Connor Certified Dental Assistant

Donna Connor, Certified Dental Assistant/Licensed Massage Therapist/Certified Reflexologist

As a certified dental assistant, Donna Connor provides expert care to our patients. Because she is a licensed massage therapist and certified reflexologist, she is able to make sure our patients feel relaxed and comfortable during their time with us. Donna belongs to several professional organizations to support her work in these areas. Happily married, she has two daughters. She loves the Red Sox and listening to music.