It is a specifically designed and custom fabricated “orthopedic” appliance where the treating clinician uses strict bite recording protocols utiliing the J5 Myomonitor TENS to establish the occlusal position.  This appliance is unlike other classical appliances in that it implements both gnathologic and neuromuscular principles. 

It follows GNeuromuscular Orthotic classification design parameters based on the four major TMD pain problems:

  1. Cervical problems which include symptoms such as: pain around the face, temporal, occipital, SCM (Sternocleidomastoid), and shoulder muscles. 
  2. Primary TMJ problems which include symptoms such as: clicking, popping, and grating sounds of the joints, restricted range of motion.
  3. Retrognathic Class II, Division 2 (maxillary front teeth tipped back)
  4. Anterior open bite problems where front teeth are not touching

GNeuromuscular orthosis design differs from any other "splints, night guards, flat planes, deprogrammers" in the following important details:

  • It assists in orthopedic realignment
  • Designed to remove Cranio-mandibular torque (skeletal skews and torques)
  • Acts as an orthopedic matrix which maintains and manages the lower jaw to the cranium (skull) relationship in a physiologic manner
  • Stabilizes the head/neck relationship and muscle posture
  • It is anatomical (shaped like teeth to occlude (fit) properly with the maxillary teeth) and covers all the teeth
  • Fulfills the clinical requirements of Gnathologic occlusion
  • Allows optimal mandibular function and rest
  • Balanced contacts following the key principles of micro-occlusion
  • It is manufacture based on physiologic muscle state and Optimized Neuromuscular position